Sell education and learning, but not school.

21 Jun

photo by Keith Woods

“We need to be able to help parents delight in the educational value of their child’s developmentally appropriate play. If we are not able to articulate the serious intellectual content of what is happening — the infant exploring motorically the concepts of under and through, the toddler collecting and dumping, preschool dramatic and block play, and kindergarten classification — and if we are unable to explain how that content is far more likely to pave the road to a good university than the fraudulent numbers and letters recitations, then parents struggling to do the best for their children will buy sad imitations of schools. Why can’ t we help parents to see their children as delightful little scientists, architects, explorers, acrobats, and scholars who use all their senses, their whole bodies, and their own behavior as the tools for astonishingly thorough, albeit messy, investigations in the world of people and things?…”

From an article written in 1989 by Jim Greenman: “Don’t Happy, Be Worried”.


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