Abe’s Peanut & LittleCollector Lead Storytime on Governors Island

22 Jul

You have three chances (11:30am, 12:30pm, !:30pm) on August 6th to partake in this incredible event!

Intro and Storytelling: 10-15 minutes

Singing (as an extension of the story): 5 minutes

Looking at Art: 5 minutes – Yukie will show her images. This will also be time for children to look carefully at the images and talk about what they see etc and will lead into the art project.

Art Project Demonstration: 5 minutes – I will explain that we are all going to make postcards to send to someone we love who lives far away. Parents can help children decide who and write the address on the cards. Yukie will demonstrate the image making.

Art Making: 20 minutes – After a demonstration, children can paint and/or draw their images and write messages to their chosen recipients. Parents can help with writing message and addressing cards as needed. Yukie and I will go around and help children as well. If anyone else wants to be on site to help out that is great. The more helping hands the better.


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