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Finger Puppets from Series 1.1

30 Sep

Do you like to put on your own plays? You can use finger puppets like these as characters. To draw your own, draw a small animal or person the way you normally would. Leave enough room on either side of the character to draw two rectangular tabs connected to the character. When you cut the character from the paper, include the two tabs, then tape the tabs together so they stay on your fingers while you perform your play.


Story Telling and Mobile Making at Word Up in Washington Heights

28 Sep

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On Sunday, September 25th, Abe’s Peanut gathered kids from the neighborhood to make mobiles and hear Jacque Lynn Schiller’s story, Special Deliver, from series 2.2:


We were at Word Up Community Bookshop in Washington Heights. If you haven’t been, go! It’s full of great stuff, including a table set up with art supplies. Kids are welcome to drop in anytime and color or paint.

A Special Delivery shared with us!

26 Sep

You can customize your very own Special Delivery!  Below is Ashley’s rendition of Card 1 in the series. Ashley is 9 years old from Bondurant, Iowa

Share your cards with us, too! Email pictures or scans to We’ll post them here and on our facebook page!

September 25th at Word Up Community Bookshop!

1 Sep