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29 Nov

Our December issue features work by the designers Mary and Matt.

In addition to their other work, they produce a line of chocolate called Chocolate Editions which is available through their website and at a few select NYC boutiques. For Abe’s Peanut, they wrote and illustrated a guide to making chocolate, the culmination of which will be a bar of their chocolate sent to your child.

We chose a simple milk chocolate bar and all ingredients will be listed on the bar’s wrapper. We will address the package to “The Parents of (Child’s Name)”.

We understand, due to dietary restrictions and personal preferences, not all children eat chocolate. Please email us if YOU WOULD LIKE to receive the chocolate bar. An email to with the subject “Chocolate Yes” is enough for us. We will need your responses by December 7th.


Like Fire Post on Abe’s Peanut

29 Nov

“Anna and Tess Knoebel, founders of the excellent postcard art journal Abe’s Penny, have a mail art publication just for the small fry: Abe’s Peanut. Each issue consists of a story, divided into four postcards and sent each week to the literate squirt of your choice, and they’re all strange and cool enough for any little hip kid on your gift list. And because it really is better to give than receive—really, it is—you can also help them out with their Kickstarter campaign. Budding mail art lovers everywhere will thank you.” Lisa Peet at Like Fire