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Raptor Fest in Prospect Park!

3 Oct

by Rebecca Brunn

October 3, 2011

Eagles and falcons and vultures, oh my! There were birds aplenty at this year’s Raptor Fest in Prospect Park. Anybody know what a raptor is? No, they’re not dinosaurs, they’re actually birds of prey! Every year, the New York City Parks Department brings about a dozen birds of prey to a city park for its annual Raptor Fest, where this year over one thousand people came to admire these amazing birds! This year’s guests of honor were a Bald Eagle, a Harris Hawk, a Barn Owl, a Peregrine Falcon, a Turkey Vulture, a Red-Tailed Hawk, and more raptors from all over the world. The birds were on display for all to see, and twice they were released to fly around their pen and do tricks for the audience. But don’t worry about these captive birds just being circus animals; all the birds have been injured so that they can’t survive in the wild anymore, and spend most of their days happily on a reserve all the way up in Buffalo, NY.

The Urban Park Rangers were there too, playing games, giving out prizes and doing crafts with kids. Next time you’re in a park, see if you can find a Ranger and ask them to tell you more about raptors!

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